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Do You Have Hopeless Loose Teeth?

Dr. Chao offers non-surgical treatment og fum disease with laser and endoscopy

Loose Teeth Fixed the Same Day

Gum disease is fairly common, especially if the patient in concern does not make regular visits to the dentist. One of the most common forms of gum disease is gingivitis. Gingivits occurs when bacterial plaque starts to build up in the gaps between the gum and teeth. This buildup is called tartar, and although it may only be in small amounts, the bacteria the tartar carries can produce toxins to the body that cause the gums to inflame. If this early form of gum disease is not addressed properly, the gaps between the teeth and the gums can become larger. Continuation of this process leads to a more severe form of the disease called periodontitis, the most common cause of tooth loss in adults.

Regular cleanings can help you avoid this situation. If you have periodontitis already you may know that traditional methods involve gum surgery. The good news is we have a number of advanced non-surgical methods which can effectively address the problem. As with all of our procedures, these procedures are extremely comfortable. You do not have to fear having to decide between losing your teeth or undergoing painful surgery. 

We use procedures like endoscopy and laser treatment. Endoscopy allows us to do "deep cleaning" (root planing) in case of sever priodontitis. Endoscopy involves the use of miniaturized fiber-optic camera that illuminates the tiny spaces occupied by tartar (calculus). This endoscopic scaling is just as effective as surgery in removing tartar, the bacterial deposits that lead eventually to loss of tooth. The thorough removal of tartar by endoscopic scaling and the antibacterial action of the lasers remove the destructive bacteria/ microbes associated with periodontitis. In addition to this, we also use anti-bacterial home therapy coordinated with an intense, in-office program of infection control to address severe or hopeless cases. Most importantly, our success has been built upon our relationship with our patients. Our patients with sever, hopeless gum disease are informed of their critical role in infection control. We consistently teach our patients on various new ways to clean and remove infection from their teeth and gums with special FDA devices. We especially emphasize the need for regular follow-up treatment that is indispensable to a successful outcome. We are grateful for so many diligent, compliant patients with severe, hopeless gum diseases who have been able to save their teeth for the long-term without surgical intervention.

Patient Testimonials

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